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Here at The Borough, we thrive on innovation.  Because of that, we value the input of our readers – if you are reading a magazine like this one, you obviously like to think outside the box and we believe that you have creative ideas of your own.

If you believe you have something worthwhile to share, we want to hear it.  Perhaps more importantly, we want to share it with the church worldwide.

We can’t promise that every request to write for us will be posted, and we can almost guarantee that your work will have to be edited so that it conforms to the writing style of our magazine (not your ideas obviously, but the writing mechanics)…

But we want to post your ideas as articles authored by you, a guest writer (we’ll give you credit, of course).  If you provide enough guest articles, maybe we’ll talk about becoming a staff writer.

Please, fill out the form below.  And don’t be afraid to be innovative.


Want to share your ideas, but don’t want to write a formal post?  Visit The Community and participate in life-giving discussions.

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