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Women.  What a hot topic.

In theory, this subject should not even need its own article, because we should have figured it all out by now.  But in reality, the church has been largely polarized by the role of women.  Either we shut them up and tell them they’re worthless (yes, it’s hyperbole) or we put them in roles not sanctioned by Scripture and let them walk all over the leadership (again, see the hyperbole).

For Cultural Creatives, we know that it is a core value that women should be praised for their usefulness and worth.

So what is so difficult in the churches?

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Yes, we see in the Bible that women should not have authority over men.  And that they cannot be elders.  We know that following the roles designed by God for the family, men must be responsible to sacrifice in love for their families in leadership, and that women must follow their husband’s lead.  And in the church, we follow a similar model.

But this article is not about what women can’t do.  It is about what they must do in our churches.  And if they don’t, we will all fail, because women are essential to the process.

Leading in Good Works

dressed in black1 Timothy 5:9-10 tells us that the older women who should have the most respect were women who devoted their lives to doing good works.

This means doing good in your surrounding neighborhood, doing good to those in the church, as well as doing good in the entire community.

Mother Teresa is an amazing example who goes down in history for this.  She took care of orphans and served the community in Calcutta.

For us, today, it means women should take charge in community outreaches and service.  Have your women organize events, provide hospitality, meet urgent needs, etc.

Leading as Essential Mentors

Titus 2:4-5 provides a beautiful picture of older women teaching younger women.

And this is our model.  Older women who have more experience in family life and life in general have to take it upon themselves to help the younger women.

My wife and I have a ragged bunch of small children.  If it wasn’t for older women to help my wife through the process, she’d be going crazy right now.  They provide affirmation when she does things right but is unsure of herself, and teaching whenever my wife is confused about how to deal with difficult circumstances.

But women can mentor other women in all areas of life – doing good works, faith, church, relationships, business (yeah, the Proverbs 31 lady whom we all love did business.  Amen?), etc.

And if she doesn’t mentor, we’ll have a generation of ladies who do not know how to manage their lives well.

Leading in Establishing Households

beautyNot only are women an essential piece of making our homes calm, collected, and open to strangers, but they must take on leadership roles in establishing other households.

This goes hand-in-hand with the last point about mentoring.  A home is meant to be strong in so many ways – in love, in structure, in hospitality, in service.  Women who do these things well have to help those who do not do them well.

But the result will be strong households that are a driving force for good in their neighborhoods and in the city.  They do good inside the home as well as outside.

Leading as Benefactors

Lydia is a wonderful example from the New Testament.  She was a business woman who became a Christian, shared the gospel with her whole family, offered Paul’s team a place to stay and then continued to support Paul’s ministry.

Nympha hosted a church in Colossae which met in her own home.

These things – providing hospitality, hosting churches, financially supporting – they are all aspects of being a benefactor to the church.

For some reason, in the New Testament (and life today as far as I can see it), women do this really well.

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Moreover, it is a spiritual gift to do this well.  Some people, including women, have the gift of service and giving.  If they don’t do it, they deny their own purpose, and everyone would suffer for it.

Participating on Missionary Teams

sun beautyOf all of Paul’s team in the New Testament, we can do the research and see that approximately 1/3 of the names mentioned were women.

We find that Priscilla participated with her husband in establishing Apollo in his faith.

Euodia and Syntyche were apparently “co-workers” with Paul, and they’re listed as leaders of the same caliber as the big wig, Clement.

Women must be a part of planting and establishing churches today.  They must be a part of raising people up in their faith.

The Pillar and Foundation of the Truth

1 Timothy 3:14-15 has Paul explaining that his instructions are meant to show us how to function in the churches, which are the pillar and foundation of the truth.  It can be deduced, then, that if we do not function as he explains, then the church will cease to be the pillar and foundation of the truth.

If women to do not embrace the responsibilities given them by God, then our churches will not be effective in passing the gospel on in all its fullness and majesty to the next generation.

Come on, women!  Stand up and take your destiny!

Come on, church!  Let women be all they can be!


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