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In the church, we don’t want to admit that church Planters and Entrepreneurs are similar.  We have this stigma that says that if it’s business-like, then it’s automatically unspiritual or un-church-like.  It’s simply not true.

Obviously, they have major differences, too – one expands the tool God is using to bless the nations, spread the gospel, and show his manifold wisdom, and the other expands a business for making money.

But this article explains how they are similar.  An entrepreneur and a church planter require the same talents and gifts from God.  There is so much they have in common when it comes to the work itself.

Church Planters and Entrepreneurs Start Something from Nothing

potted plantWhether its a church or a business, the one who is starting it must be able to make something out of nothing.

This is not a common talent.  You’ve got to have a compelling enough vision to inspire others to follow, and organizational skills enough to keep everybody focused.

Then you can’t stop at talking, because that’s what most people usually do when they have a great idea.  You gotta actually make it happen.

Church Planters and Entrepreneurs Put Leaders in Place to Run the Thing for Them

Entrepreneurs get managers to run the on-the-ground type of work.  Once their business is somewhat established, the entrepreneur doesn’t do much of the technical work him(her)self.

In the church, we’ve kind of lost this similar mentality because of the rise of the “Pastor” in Western Evangelicalism.  Check out this article to see why the Apostle Paul was not actually a “Pastor” as we use the word today.

But when it comes to church planting, what we witness in the New Testament is that Paul went around beginning a bunch of startup churches, and then appointing elders everywhere he went.  They were the ones who oversaw the on-the-ground work of each church.

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Church Planters and Entrepreneurs Focus on the Network

DeathtoStock_Medium2Entrepreneurs appoint managers and church planters appoint elders so that they can focus on the network they are creating.

Much of an entrepreneurs job is connecting with the right people, forging partnerships, assigning contract work, and making deals which benefit the business.  He/she helps the company by establishing a solid network of relationships which bring in more resources for the managers to do their job better.

A church planter also has to do the same kind of networking.  They must work with other organizations, connect with people, establish relationships with other leaders, and keep up the relationships between the churches with which they are networked.

Networking is such a big part of their jobs.

Church Planters and Entrepreneurs Must Raise Money

Entrepreneurs have to find funding somewhere.  It is rare that he/she will have all the finances needed right up front.  So they go to outside agents, such as family, friends, banks, and venture capitalists for seed money.

Similarly, church planters must also be able to raise money from outside agents.  This is usually done through friends and family.  It’s occasionally done through a sending church.

Anther source of revenue for church planters which we must embrace in the 21st century are benefactors – Individual Christians with wealth and influence who catch the vision you’ve casted and participate specifically in helping you plant your churches.

Read this article by The Borough for an overview of benefactors, and this article by BILD, International which gives a very detailed explanation.

Church Planters and Entrepreneurs Deal with High Risk

sailing adventureIt is risky to be a church planter or an Entrepreneur.

It’s risky financially in both cases.

But it’s also risky for your reputation, since the fail risk is so high.  Moreover, the average American does not have capabilities to do either one – whether because of lack of vision, lack of organizational skills or lack of boldness.  And this means they can’t understand the risk:benefit ratio.

And they will certainly let you know that they don’t believe you can do it.

There is pressure all around you as a church planter or an entrepreneur, and the stakes are high.

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Church Planters and Participate in Creative Innovation

In order to create a business or a church, you have to be willing to think outside the box.

You’ve got to be realistic about the context of your plant/business.  It’s not going to work out like it does in the textbooks.  Application is very difficult when you’re actually creating something.

So attempt new things, work with new people (even ones you might not theologically agree with 100%!), try new forms.  Innovate!


If you can get past the stigma that there is some sort of secular/spiritual divide, then you can begin gaining wisdom from those who have found it already in business.

It’s okay if certain methods cross over from business to church.  Obviously, as church planters, we avoid greed, but the same should be said about Christian entrepreneurs, as well.

But we are all seeking to prosper through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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