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Through the craziness of the day to day life of running an organization, business, church, and family it can be difficult to determine God’s plan for us and our organizations.

We all ask questions like, is it the will of God for my business to complete this merger? God, are you encouraging me to begin a ministry or start a new non-profit? God, what is my role in the community?

New York TImes best selling author Matthew Kelly in his books and talks teaches and provides examples of how the will of God is for us to become “the best-version-of-ourselves.”

These five simple words have radical implications and can become complete game changers that can lead to amazing improvements in our lives and help us discover God’s will.

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God’s Will – The Best Version

bicycleWhat does it mean to be the best-version-of-ourselves?

It simply means being the person or organization that God intends you to be. For me it means God wants and encourages me to be the best Casey Craig there has ever been in the world and that is truly all I can be.

In scripture God said to Jeremiah that, ““Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Some Examples

As a part of his plan God calls us and our organizations to unique missions to accomplish his goals. An example of a local parish doing just that is the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center. Like many other churches it could make its goal to be the best church or have full services, but it doesn’t. St. Lawrence offers more than 45 programs to meet the needs of University of Kansas’ students.

All of these are focused on helping young adults build a solid Christian foundation to start their lives upon graduation. By doing this St. Lawrence is recognizing that it isn’t being called to be like the other Lawrence churches, but uniquely itself.

mountaintopAs a leader in the Christian fraternity Brothers Under Christ (BYX) at the University of Kansas, my fellow officers and I had to always keep in mind that God created us to be unique in order to succeed.

Like a company that tries and copies its competitors, we at times tried to be like the larger and established secular fraternities. It wasn’t until we stopped trying to be a second rate version of them that we saw better results.

One specific example of this was our 2015 spring formal. We leveraged the national unity unique to BYX to partner with other BYX chapters to have an amazing formal in Oklahoma City. Our smaller member size also enabled us to coordinate an event like this fairly easy, in a way a fraternity with 100s of members can’t do.

We used our unique capabilities to be the best we could be and what I believe God wanted us to do.

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What God Wants Us to Be

I encourage everyone reading this to start exploring ways in which you can become a better-version-of-yourself and lead your company to becoming a better-version-of-itself.

You can literally start right now.

Maybe you could start just by not hitting snooze on the alarm clock every more to allow more time to prepare for the day. Another way could be striving to respond to people’s email in a timely manner.

One of St. Francis of Assisi’s most memorable quotes offers the best way to go about becoming the best-version-of-yourself. “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

This simple motto has changed my life and I guarantee it can yours.


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