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Have you ever wondered why they don’t put motorcycle engines in semi trucks? Probably not. It is generally understood that a truck with such heft needs the appropriate power to move itself. It is because of this same principle that we don’t usually see two year olds walking a pack of full grown rottweilers.

Power And Capacity

motorcycleThere is a God ordained principle in both the natural and spiritual world that power and size are inherently linked. Although we know this on a surface level, many times we fail to understand this principle when it is applied to our personal lives. In order for power to be useable there must be appropriate capacity therefore, for great power to be used, there must be great capacity.

So if I want to increase my capacity for power I need to learn how to grow.

In the business world, this can be applied to many situations; pursuing a promotion at work, trying to expand the reach into a given market, bidding a coveted potential client, etc. I have seen people, myself included striving for power, crying out to God for increased influence only to be faced with problems. It is usually these very problems that are the answers to our prayers.

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Discovering The Key To Increase

thinking3People who end up growing are the people who double down, face the problem, implement solutions, grow in maturity, and then receive the power they asked for.

It’s no coincidence that when I ask God for increased patience, I start hitting every red light in the city. Or if I ask Him for increased faith, I am confronted by a seemingly impossible situation. Leaders are problem solvers and those who avoid problems, end up surrendering their power.

As Kris Vallotton, a pastor in Northern California puts it, “The dogs of doom stand at the door of your destiny”. This principle has massive implications in all realms – political theory, resource management, social justice, etc., but I’ll save that for another day.

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I think that Peter understood this well. Peter screwed up big time, over and over again but because he was faithful and faced his problems instead of avoiding them, he was able to grow and God was able to trust him with great power.

Photo credit: Diego3336 / / CC BY

Photo credit: Diego3336 / / CC BY

That’s the way it works: we face a problem, partner with God to come up with solutions, grow in maturity, and go on to face more problems. This is how “semi trucks” are built, little by little and as a natural attribute to their size they are given great power.

Powerful people and corporations embrace this process. It’s no wonder that the most successful companies that are on the cutting edge of scientific and technological advancement have entire departments devoted to research and development – solving problems and growing in the maturity and understanding of the field.

This is the wonderful life that we are called to regardless of which business you find yourself in. We can’t be afraid of working at a level of inexperience. (In another article I talk about this more in depth) We must be able to own our problems because that is what qualifies us for an increase in spiritual responsibility. This is the way God designed growth and maturity to operate and that’s the way His kids will advance His rule and reign in all areas of life.


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