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I recently had the great opportunity to interview a man named Mark Scott.  He’s a vibrant young mind who is doing meaningful work in London.  Mark has a lot of life experience, being a part of a society-influencing city, having spent time living in Zimbabwe, and managing a beautiful organization (which I’m about to get to).

Innovative Organization

Christians in PoliticsMark works for Christians in Politics or CiPol for short.  It is an NGO (non-government organization) which focuses on bringing Christians into the political arena.

Their view is that politics are part of our daily lives whether we like it or not.  It encompasses the communities in which we live; it changes how we can interact with individuals and other organizations and modalities; and it simply defines our cultures.

So if we Christians decide to ignore such a large part of our society, then we will essentially isolate ourselves from the very people whom we want to reach.

Solid, right?

The purpose of #politics is not to ask what we can gain, but rather to ask how can we #serve. Click To Tweet

Here’s the kicker, though:  CiPol has successfully brought together multiple partisan groups to wave their flag.

Their goal is not to bring people into a single political party or to get behind any single platform, but rather to wake Christians up to the very fact that we must overlook

Their non-partisan stance is meant to demonstrate that Christians can have unity while keeping diverse political leanings.  Of course, they acknowledge that biblical standards describe a very specific moral code.  However, through the public discourse which they provide, different possible applications are explained.  It allows for the individual to hear different Christian viewpoints and make his/her own decision on what is the most reasonable option.

CiPol organizes events, such as public debates, seminars, times of prayer or worship.  They go to colleges and create open discussion.  They network with other government organizations, NGOs, and individuals together for the purpose of getting Christians to think through the issues and to take part in the political process.  They also partner with churches to be “in the world, not of it” in this way.

Very solid.  Very innovative.

A Theology of Politics

As I asked Mark what goes into the purpose behind their organization, he directed me to their About Us page and their FAQ page.

bikeBut what really made the difference for me was when he explained what I am calling their Theology of Politics:

Many Christians do not want to participate in the dirty business of politics, mainly because so many people have manipulated the system for their own gains.

But Mark said that the purpose of politics is not to ask what we can gain, but rather to ask how can we serve.  We must make our stands in terms of taking better care of neighbors and better loving our communities.  That is the goal of our politics.

It’s very attractive, and it stands at the heart of Christ’s great commandment to love our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Show up:  A Campaign for the Everyday Christian

CiPol’s has named their newest campaign “Show Up“.

The idea is to get Christians to understand that a healthy participation in politics is so much  more than what we generally think.

If all we do is whine, then we have only become a larger part of the problem. Click To Tweet

It’s not enough to sit around and criticize those who are putting themselves out there in the public arena.  We can’t just complain about certain policies or trends.  If all we do is whine, then we have only become a larger part of the problem.

To Show Up is to think through the issues, to land on a decision about what is right, and then to take action in changing your community for the better.

Take a look at the video below to see where they are coming from (and don’t forget to read the rest of the article after the video for the conclusion and application for us all).

A Way of Life

Christians in Politics is an organization that helps Christians in the UK to understand how to participate in the political realm in the UK.  But a lot of you readers are Americans.

Guess what.  That doesn’t change anything.

We still have a government that requires the participation of its people.

We still have a God who wants us to be good citizens.

We still have a responsibility to influence the culture for good and for Jesus.

Make this a way of life for you.  As you participate in your local, state, and federal government, make it your passion to engage our society.

If we Christians don’t do it, then those dirty politicians will (I hope you catch the irony there…).


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