1. What makes you experts on seeking the welfare of the city?

    We don’t claim to be experts.  We are just passionate about taking care of our cities.  This passion has led us to research the subject.  The love of Jesus is in us and based on Scripture, this is how we want to express it.

  2. What is seeking the welfare of the city anyway?

    Jeremiah 29:7 is God’s instruction to Judah when they were exiled into Babylon.  His people were to take care of the community they lived in, even though the people were non-Hebrews, and often even anti-Hebrews.   This meant using their talents and influence, whether it was political, financial, cultural, etc., to better their cities.
    Daniel is a great example.  He used his political and intellectual influence that God gave him to truly be a blessing to the Babylonian nation.  Daniel was given the opportunity to learn about Chaldean culture and he gave it his all.  Through his knowledge and expertise, the empire was given warning of great dangers.  They were then able to prepare and the people were better off than before.  And Daniel did it all without compromising his biblical values.
    So while the context is a little different from ours today, we see that God’s heart for His people is to benefit the communities they live in, whether they are Christian communities or not.
    In fact, we see this in the New Testament as well.  Acts 2:46-47 tells us that the church gained favor with the people by loving each other and loving their neighbors.  We see Paul instructing Timothy to pray for their government leaders.  Different church leaders say that the church must take care of the poor, the widows and orphans.  There are commands to be humble, obey your government, and work hard for yourselves and for your employers.
    You see, taking care of our communities using the gifts God has given us is inherent in our faith.  We must take care of our cities.

  3. Do you accept guest submissions?

    Yes.  Fill out our form on the Write For Us page to get more information about this.

  4. Can I interview Nate, Matt or Ryan for a podcast/blog post/etc?

    Yes.  Fill out our form on the Contact Us page to get more information about this.

  5. Do Nate, Matt or Ryan do speaking engagements?

    Yes.  Absolutely.  Our preferred format is dialogue-based discussions (it gives the community more opportunity to participate and forces people to truly think through the issues), but for larger groups, we are certainly open to lecture-type formats.
    Fill out our form on the Contact Us page to get more information about this.

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