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That guy.  Everyone knows him (or her).

The one who has a glaring fault just like anyone of us, but this person is apparently completely oblivious to it.  He almost seems to flaunt it at times.

It’s the kind of person whom you love in Christ as your brother or sister… but you still want to punch in the face any time you’re around them.

I had a friend in college who was “That Guy” in so many ways, that he nicknamed himself “That Guy” (Okay, so in this case, he wasn’t oblivious.  He thought it was funny).  After a while, out of courtesy for us, he shortened it to “TG”.  Soon enough, it was just “Teej”.

Don’t be That Guy.  Don’t be Teej.

That Guy who Complains All the Time

cheersThe one who is never content with anything.

He’s got something to say about how bad the music was or how the volume was just too loud (or too soft).  It was cold during the service.  The greeters weren’t happy enough.  You know, I really thought the pastor could have made his second point better if he used this illustration I heard on one of Ravi Zacharias‘ messages.

Get over yourself, because no one is perfect.  Not your church, and not you.  Show some grace (like everyone around you shows you), and stop whining.

That Guy who Always Seems to Know Better than the Leaders

“Yeah, I know he went to seminary, has 30 years of experience in church leadership, and has successfully planted 8 churches in his lifetime, but he just doesn’t understand that the direction of this church is completely stupid.”

This one is actually pretty simple – if you think you know better, ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. Why aren’t you in leadership if you know so much?  Your wise advice could save the church from its folly.
  2. Are you even qualified to be in leadership?  (No?  Then before you criticize the dust in the leadership’s eyes, take the log out of yours)

Admittedly, yes, there are times that the leadership is wrong about something.  And yeah, it happens a lot.  But unless you’re facing the weight of responsibility yourself, don’t make things harder on them by gossiping about how dumb they are.

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That Guy who Asks Everyone to Pray for His Friend’s Uncle’s Toe Surgery

lots of hipstersWe’ve all been there.  The lady next to you just shared that her husband left her.  She’s on the verge of tears, but she’s holding back because she doesn’t want her kids to see.  She describes the pain she feels inside, when suddenly…

“Oh!  Speaking of pain, that reminds me!  My friend’s uncle, he’s got this really nasty, disgusting…”

Really, bro?  We’re actually trying to deal with something right now.  I know that toe needs that boil removed eventually, but our sister needs some help right now.  Focus!

That Guy who Always Talks like King James… But Only While He’s at Church

“But lo!  Our spirit cries from the deep and seeks not triumph, but seeks lowliness as our Lord had said to His disciples.  He cleaned their feet and thereby cleaned their hearts.  Thou knows it.  Thee.  Thine.  Travail.”

Blah, blah, blah.  Dude.  We’re sitting around a living room.  Speak English.

That Guy who Uses Trendy (but Meaningless) Words

Another one whose language gets under your skin.  This time, he speaks in clichés:

“Dude, we gotta start a revolution of love.  Then we’ll love on everyone.  You see, when God closes a door, he opens a window.  So let’s ask God for a hedge of protection.  Guard your heart.  Hedge.”

None of that means anything.  You just said nothing!

That Guy who’s a Hypocrite

v-neckThis one is tough, because I’m talking about you, me, all of us right now.

Things just got serious.

This entire article is about criticizing someone who is a hypocrite, but we must all admit that we ourselves are hypocrites, too.

We say we love Jesus, but in many ways, we don’t obey His Word.  We say we love our neighbor, but most of us don’t even know our neighbors’ names.

There is a world out there who doesn’t know the love of Jesus.  So tell them about Him!

And for those that already do know Him, so many still struggle with pain, abuse, suffering, sin, and injustice.  Serve them!

Our churches are shallow and consumer-based, almost forgetting the love and power of Jesus and His Holy Spirit.  We spend millions on bigger buildings, but the poor in our communities don’t even have enough food.  Let’s lead our churches toward true faith and action!

So let’s get off our high horses, and serve in the name of Christ.

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