Dazzlers Matters in our Community

Another year has past. Your little girl is growing up.

little girl dancing with instructor

She will eventually graduate, go to college or enter the workforce and you want the best for her, which is part of the reason she is in Dazzlers to begin with.

But what comes next? How will Christ continue to be a part of her life in the world we live in today?

We live in a world where the Church and the community are, for the most part, separated.

The unsaved don’t want to hear about Christ and His person-840137_1920mission anymore and a big part of this is how little our Churches are impacting our communities.

Dazzlers is one of the rare gems that is bucking the trend and doing it right. A Non-Profit supported by churches and local businesses built to give a place for girls to express their develop skills that lay the foundation for creativity and cultural expressiveness throughout their lives.

The creative impact that Dazzlers has on a community is massive.

This is one of the reasons why “Cultural Creatives” is a topic we write about heavily. Cultural Creatives have the most powerful gift of all when it comes to the outlook of our future. With plays depicting the right and wrong responses to local, national, and international events, photography and art depicting the emotions of the moment.

Cultural Creatives are the ones that get the fundraising and social campaigns started, publish the articles, and often use their own influence to influence others. Cultural Creatives have the power to influence people for Christ.

At The Borough we see the divide between our Churches and our communities, and we are doing something about it.

We strive to empower Churches to once again look like their New Testament counterparts. Being hands on and engaged at every level: church planting, politics, businesses, and the arts. Infiltrating our culture for Christ. We not only write this magazine, but we are hands on in our community.

Our Children are at the heart of all our work.bridal-636018_1280

Every generation sets up the next for success or failure.
Let’s demonstrate to our daughters that we are doing the work of Christ right here, right now, so that their future is better and Christ’s mission is carried out. So that whether they are dancing on stage or dancing on their wedding day they know we are committed to support them and give them a better future.

This is The Borough:
Nate Morsches, CEO (4 kids)
Ryan Shultz, CFO (2 kids)
Matt Pool, CTO (2 kids)

We are helping Churches, Profits, and Non-Profits like
Dazzlers continue to influence this community.
We hope you are as well.

If you want to support your daughters future
right alongside us as we support ours,
subscribe below, find us online,and tell others about what we are doing.
Let’s make the world a better place for our children, together.

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