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Most of us know the story. In the year 1393 BC in Egypt, a baby named Moses is born to Hebrew slaves. This baby is born just as the Egyptian Pharaoh makes a declaration that all male Hebrew children must be killed.

Moses’ mother, Yochebed, in a desperate effort to save her son’s life, weaves a basket and sets him afloat on the Nile River. The basket floats downstream and makes it’s way to where the Pharoah’s daughter is bathing. She seizes the basket, adopts the child and saves the life of the Hebrew boy. His life is changed forever.

Moses spends his childhood in and around the palace, training as a prince to the crown of Pharaoh. He is given a royal education, noble social status, and authority that other Israelites could only dream of. During the middle years of Moses’ life, he is again thrust down a new path. He grows older and kills an Egyptian, flees into the desert, marries a Midianite, encounters God, and eventually leads the entire captive nation of Israel to freedom.

A Royal Mindset

Have you ever wondered, why God chose Moses? I think there is a very profound purpose to Moses being the chosen one to lead his people to freedom.

You see, growing up, Moses thought of himself as a prince. As an adopted heir to the crown of Egypt he knew he had authority over and access to anything he needed or desired. He knew in his heart of hearts that he was meant to reign.

He was trained to fulfill a destiny, to stand on the shoulders of his “ancestors” and carry out the work that had continued for generations.

This mindset was completely contrary to that of his natural countrymen, the Israelites. These people lived as slaves and in the depths of their hearts, identified themselves as such.

They were God’s chosen people, but they saw themselves as possessing no authority, no inherent power, and no conceivable destiny. They felt powerless to change their bleak, hopeless circumstances as lifelong slaves to the Egyptian people.

As we look at developing a community, we know we must start with individuals. After all, that’s exactly what Jesus did. Instead of organizing a massive Jewish campaign to change the world, He chose to spend His last few years with a handful of ordinary men, training them to live as sons of the King.

We are called to build communities in the same way, but we must know whether we are raising up slaves or princes and princesses.

The Mark of Royalty

How can we tell the difference? Children of royalty have a few things in common. First of all, they know the King personally. They have an intimate relationship with the preeminent ruler and are identified by that royal relationship.

Secondly, like Moses, they know their heritage. They know that they are direct descendants of power. Children of the King know that they are of a perfect bloodline.

These sons and daughters are personally invested in the work of advancing the rule and reign of the Kingdom. They have a goal in the forefront of their minds of seeing the property lines expanding and their environment extending and growing into new realms.

Finally, they have a burning desire to build. Children of royalty are not content to just sit idly by and let things just happen to them. They are intently planting, cultivating and harvesting, and strengthening the work that has been in process for centuries. Generational thinking is their way of life.

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Grace, and Truth

I think God chose Moses to lead the Israelites to freedom because Moses had the mindset of a prince. He was raised to know that he was powerful. He knew he could change his circumstances.

thinking2This is exactly what Jesus paid for at the cross for each of us. After being born again, we can’t afford to live or even think like sinners. We have to wake up each and every day with the mindset of a son.

If we live simply as sinners saved by grace, we will sin like sinners saved by grace, but if we know that we are sons and daughters and live our lives as royalty empowered by grace, we obtain the ability to walk in truth and righteousness. Sinners sin, but sons act like their Father.

If I try to walk in truth without embracing grace, the best I can ever achieve is the enslavement of legalism. By contrast, if I misunderstand the purpose and power of grace, I replace it with fraudulent, untethered tolerance.

God desires to redeem all areas of life, both spiritually and naturally, and to do that we must be able to live as blood bought princes and princesses. Mind renewal is incredibly important because my internal reality always becomes my external reality.

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Power, Authority, and Honor

As I mentioned before, when we build communities, we must build communities of royalty. We can’t afford anything less.

There is one thing all leaders (good or evil) have in common: They have authority, and they know it. Alexander the Great had military authority, Jonas Salk had intellectual authority, Margaret Sanger had social authority, and Walt Disney had artistic authority.

There is a direct correlation between the depth of our conviction of authority and our ability to produce fruit. In other words, the more we are convinced of our princehood, the greater anointing of the kingdom’s power we are able to posses.

The key to building royal communities, is starting individually and calling people the same thing God calls them. It makes no difference where the person has been, what they have done, or what challenges they have had to face. They are children of the King.

If we honored the drunk on the street the same way we did the surgeon, CEO, or firefighter, I think our communities would suddenly see less drunkenness. Something incredible happens, when people are granted the honor they were created for.

I have seen this play out countless times. I get the opportunity every week to see people in the most desperate of situations. I work with people dealing with suicidal thoughts, addiction, or sometimes simply facing the legal consequences of their poor choices.

Regardless of the type of low they are experiencing, one thing remains constant. When they are called and defined by their depravity, the spirit of their depravity gains power, the cycle continues and the shackles are tightened.

But when they are honored as a child of God, when they are told they have destiny, value, and purpose, something very real changes within them.

Proclaiming Princes and Princesses

You see, inside everyone is a true, royal identity, and when a prince or princess is named and identified with that identity, it resonates within his or her core being.

I don’t care how screwed up the person is. They can be screaming, spitting, hearing voices, or threatening to murder me, but when I remind them of who they really are, they are instantly disarmed.

We have made the mistake of believing the lie that our actions alone define us. That cannot and will never be the case.

Identity is so much deeper than function. This toxic mindset paralyzed the children of Israel. They were the chosen people of God, but they saw themselves as slaves to Pharaoh. That mindset was so deeply entrenched within them that God had to show a simple Israelite that he truly was a prince in order for there to be freedom for his people.

We have the opportunity to do the same thing in our communities.

I understand that at times it seems like the absolute hardest thing to do – to call a thief or murderer or meth addict a prince, but I dare you to. I dare you to call people what Jesus calls them and watch them transform, gain strength, devour truth, and leave behind them a wake of restoration.

Imagine what would happen if we trained the upcoming generation of princes and princesses to know that they had God-given authority!

What would happen if people understood that God wants to do things through us and not just for us? What if we lived like the authority given to us in  1 Peter 2:9, Matthew 28:18-19, and John 14:12 was actually true?

Let’s build communities that are inhabited by sons and daughters instead of slaves, and princes and princesses instead of loveless religious legalists or spineless people of toleration. This is what Jesus paid for, let’s give Him nothing less.


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