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Karma Queens, Geek Gods & Innerpreneurs is a book by Ron Rentel with Joe Zellnik.

In this book, the authors use a new sociological term, “Innerpreneur.”  If an entrepreneur looks to create something outside himself, the innerpreneur looks to create something inside himself.

Entrepreneur and innerpreneur are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, if you are one, you are often the other as well.  This is because both people have common traits – the desire to create, to think innovatively, to help people.  What makes an innerpreneur distinct is that the traits in the last sentence are utilized with the purpose of growing as an individual.

paradeThe authors say this, “Innerpreneurs recognize themselves as the CEOs of their own lives and the chief managers of their own “brand.”  And, as such, they want to make sure that they are realizing their full potential, achieving measurable successes, and constantly evolving and improving with the times.”

Here at The Borough, we value Innerpreneurs.  In fact, we would say that we encourage all entrepreneurs to be innerpreneurs.

Our lifework should glorify God, not just our time at church on Sundays.  See another article for a deeper explanation of this concept.  We should use every opportunity to grow and to learn, and as we start businesses, we have to learn how to better serve God.

The following is a list of ways we can maximize our time in our vocation to grow as individuals drawing near to Jesus (which are found in the Rentel and Zellnik book from above, but are applied in spiritual ways):

Participate in Brainstorming with Top Leaders

Expand your mind as you brainstorm with other leading thinkers.  Go where your non-traditional ideas can flourish.  The more you innovate, the newer your ideas will become.

This will help you grow in coming up with new ways to apply your faith and ways to help others.

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Create Businesses Which Focus on Helping Others

Speaking of helping others, your businesses should focus on this.  The Rentel and Zellnik book suggests starting companies such as Life Coach Counseling, Adventure-Lecturing, Food Writing, Medical Innovation, and Environmental Financing.  Other ideas could be church technology, affordable housing construction, and mental health facilities management.

As you create new ways to serve others, you are obeying the second part of the Great Commandment:  to love your neighbor as yourself.

Blog (A Contemporary Journal)

Blogging is simply a more technologically advanced journal.  And it’s also more public.

But we all know the benefits of journaling.  You get to reflect on your decisions and life events.  You can think through issues more clearly when you write them down.  You build a more concise focus in your prayers.


steeple cityThe sabbatical is becoming a trend in non-religious, for-profit businesses.  If you have the luxury of being able to take of a consecutive month or two from your career during the year, this is a very valuable opportunity.

You can use the time to refocus the direction of your life.  Figure out exactly what next step God wants you to take.  Utilize the time to participate in good works in your city.


Speaking of good works in your city, find out what needs your community has, and be a part of the solution.

You don’t have to be the one to create new altruistic ventures (although, it would certainly be worthwhile to do so).  There are definitely opportunities to volunteer in ways provided by non-profits in your city.  Participate in homeless outreach and life rebuilding programs.  Play music at a local nursing home.  Help with a fundraiser for a meaningful non-profit.  Go find what’s out there and be a part of it.

This is nothing less than seeking the welfare of your city, and it is a good in itself.

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Meaningful Vacations (Missions Trips)

It is becoming a trend for people to use their vacation time to volunteer in poverty stricken areas.  This is a smaller version of the Sabbatical section above.

The Christian application of this is what we commonly call mission trips today.

Be careful, however, not to use valuable resources to do things in these rough areas that will only foster more poverty.  For example, don’t build irrigation systems with equipment that is unavailable to the people making regular maintenance impossible.  Don’t create systems which are foreign to the people and make improvements a confusing matter.  Don’t just give handouts – help the people to come up with their own sustainable solutions.

Participate in Cause Marketing

As you market your business, do not underestimate cause marketing.  Don’t just be a company which gives a percentage of its profits to charity.  Make your marketing and philanthropy one and the same.  It might seem like a large investment for indirect marketing, but people value companies and individuals who act on their convictions.

For example, if you are a agricultural technology company, participate in social campaigns for buying locally, environmental conservation, and ending animal cruelty.

But be careful not to be the pharisee which Jesus warns about in Matthew 6:1-4, who seeks to do his good works in the sight of men.  There is a difference between raising awareness publicly, and seeking praise with a side dish of greed.

sun forestBuild Up Your Community

So it comes down to this – as an entrepreneur, you should be seeking ways to grow individually.  As you do so, you can better take care of your community, and honor God through it all.

Learn how to serve others.  Become a light in the darkness.  Use your resources to build up others.

And grow in your relationship with Jesus.


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