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We value the creative gifts God has given us.  The Artistic Expression Series is about displaying examples from the Christian community that show a connection between the world of art and the life of Christ.

As our artist create, we want to encourage their hard work by publishing it in a forum like this.


Those Eastward Shores

By Nate Morsches

The cooling waters have a way of numbing.

Our muscles ache while keeping heads afloat.

Our expedition was always with stumbling.

The crew remembers storms inside our boat.


When lightning struck and fish upon the bow,

But waves mast-high have drawn away our sails.

My Captain’s words are coursing through our veins now:

“You must not lose your compass in the gales.


Head east, my friends, and always stay the course.

My men of valor, I’ll be with you at the shores.”


But now our vessel sleeps with sharks below,

The life boat taken west by frightened men.

We seek to live and seek the East to know

What treasures our Lord promised us by pen.lifeboat


We must not sink and go down to the deep.

We must not fight and die by our own hands.

Persistence that we sow and that we reap

Our loving crew together, he commands.


My sailing kin, let’s swim without remorse.

For toil is nothing at those Eastward shores.

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