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The Artistic Expression Series is an avenue for artists to share their work as they try to engage the culture.

I wrote this poem in consideration of the great difficulties we face as Christians all over the world.

Do we follow our Lord through turmoil?  Or do we sit back and let the train pass by?

Do we go to a worthy death?  Or do we walk a purposeless life?

Please, enjoy this poem, but let it spur you on to do what’s good rather than what is easy.


train station 2


The Train

By Nate Morsches


The bench is cold beneath my husky thighs,

and falling snow makes waiting even worse.

This station gives a choice of ease or prize,

of staying warm or see heroic verse.


I hear it loud, the train is coming now.

To war it goes where other soldiers lie.

It stops and whistles sharply as a vow

which makes or breaks, to give, to take, to cry.


Stay here and live a good and happy life?

Or do I climb the steps to deathly strife?


He told me that the fight is worth its while.

The man, my Lord, has said it will bring pain.

My meal is coming up, I taste the bile,

but if he’s right, my people stand to gain.



There in the pane above he looks to me.

His eyes are bold, robust and still compelling.

I dare not lock his gaze and fear to flee,

yet wern’t his words to me naught but foretelling?


And is he true to say that I’m a man?

The choice is mine.  Do I say can’t or can?

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