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The Artistic Expression Series is an avenue for artists to share their work through The Borough.  It gives an ability to show how we are influencing culture while still honoring God.

Take the opportunity to ponder how you can change the people around you with your art.

And enjoy this poem.



The American Dream

By Nate Morsches


Photo credit: dunikowski / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: dunikowski / Foter / CC BY

The factory is closed, ain’t coming back.

Our children got no fathers and no light.

The train’s derailed with ivy on the track.

We take it without any kinda fight.


We’ve woken from that dream of ours too late.

The land of opportunity is dry.

No houses with the nice, white picket gate.

No neighbors who will know us, by and by.


Ain’t nothin which we’ve gained from chasing gold.

Why can’t there be more than what we’ve been sold?


But Christ the Lord has shown us what’s deficient.

Our disillusioned nation is not dead.

Now we’re the church – in all needs, though, sufficient.

We’ll be alive, if all we have is bread.


Don’t cry, little baby, don’t cry today.

Your papa’s comin’ home with words to share.

Our brothers new have helped us make our way.

They’ve walked with God and help our burdens bear.


We’ll be the church and trust in Him alone.

He gives and helps us give to those who groan.


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