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The Artistic Expression Series is an attempt to give artists a venue to display their art.  A forum like this brings in thinkers, lovers, dreamers.

And it’s all to worship God, while at the same time connecting with our own humanity.

Enjoy this poem, and consider how you can engage the culture and honor God with your artistic talents.

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Man of Rome

By Nate Morsches

What is a man? When lashes seem to never end,
The chains cut deeper, hills are steeper, torment never bends.

The walls rise high and shut out sun and moon.
He listens with his spirit in hope of that old tune.

But it’s his punishment, for sure. The drum beats haunting rhythms.
Straddle so the dancing earth, and on the burning schism.

In wild, roaring stadiums, that man is spit upon.
He goes to death or life of death till suffering is gone.

Why fight?, he asks himself.  Closed eyes would sweeten still.
It’s simple when he thinks of wife, and son and son who will.

It’s by his own forsaken soul, which sold them into prison.
God Almighty let him go, because he wouldn’t listen.

Now what’s left but pain and strife and sadness all the while.
The man, a man who won’t look back, thrusts onward with a smile.

For better days and children’s gaze, he’ll spill his blood and sweat.
He fights for them and Him till death and his commitments kept.


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