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The Artistic Expression Series is an avenue for artists to share their work through The Borough.  It provides the opportunity to engage the culture.  And as we speak into the lives of the people around us, we can speak God’s truth as it is felt in through the human experience.  In the poem below, I sought to describe disillusionment as we move from optimistic young adults to matured, weathered people as we endure hardships in life.

Take the opportunity to ponder how you can change the people around you with your art.

Enjoy this poem, and give thanks to Jesus.

Photo credit: be creator via / CC BY

Photo credit: be creator via / CC BY


By Nate Morsches

The fire burned as kindle sparked anew.
Our energy and life would not be stopped.
And from our bellies, where our passion grew,
the time ahead we’d conquer, not be topped.

Our graduation went from twigs to logs,
to trees, and forests, then to all the world –
Foreseeing how we’d win as underdogs,
That drive inside unleashes us unfurled.

And so we lived with hope inside our heart.
We did not know what pain might tear apart.

Two children gone and that before first light,
more scars to steal away the hope of more,
and illness which would take away our fight,
with riches lost to pay our debtors’ score.

And even when we try, our failings come.
In business, life, and church, we seemed to die,
This wasn’t what we’d pictured, going numb.
But years go on without that fire by.

What happened to that clearing we would build?
Yet lives the chaos now we should have stilled.

Photo credit: Bengin Ahmad via / CC BY-ND

Photo credit: Bengin Ahmad via / CC BY-ND

She said, “I dreamed a dream in times gone by.
When hope was high and life worth living.”
And on that street, she wailed an awful cry.
Am I not worth what God Himself is giving?

Am I but different than His servant Job,
Who gained and lost through wager from above?
His health, and money, family and robe
were gone yet did not waver in His love.

It was when he acknowledged he was poor,
that he was undeserving and a man,
for God alone had goodness and grandeur,
that Yahweh let him prosper in His plan.

It’s not your optimism which brings life.
It’s disillusioned self that God can use.
Ambition wasn’t cutting like a knife.
Humility was what we had to choose.

Do not be angry though your life is spent,
but set your fire as to where God meant.


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