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I’ve become friends with a guy who is in a band.

Cool, right?

The name of the band is Across Waters.  They use spoken poetry and a blend of complex and beautiful instrumentals to interact with the emotional response to each poem/passage of Scripture.

As a part of the Artistic Expression Series, I want to showcase a music group that is effectively engaging the culture.  The band is interacting with the Christian as well as non-Christian world, and people are taking note.  They use their art to connect with people and influence our society for Christ.

Take a look at what some of their listeners have said about Across Waters:

“This album is a wondrous work of aural literature, drawing up passions and tales from far past, and emotions that run deep within the soul, feelings that have existed for thousands of years, since biblical times and beyond; they conjure up affects that make us feel and know that we are human, and that itself is a powerful and moving idea.”

“If you like rock/metal and are searching for some heavy instrumental music to take you away into the presence of God this is what youve been after. Expertly crafted, superb musicianship, serene soundscapes, absolutely stunning. Buy this, you really won’t regret it.”

“Although I’m a complete atheist, the music combined with the narration of several Bible extracts has an amazing effect – any fan of post-rock who can look past the “preaching” should download this ASAP.”

So please, enjoy.  And most importantly, love Jesus.

Released 21 November 2011

Recorded live at Busy Box Studios. Mixed by Cody Tarpley and Drew Black. Mastered by Piotr Wilkoński. Photography by Justin Lowe. Spoken word by Chris Newby.


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