We clarify and support the church’s role in a city-community.

We do this through:

  1. Magazine articles to clarify
  2. Tangible initiatives to support

We believe that through our relationships with the following groups of people, our churches can once again be a driving force for good in our cities:

  1. Entrepreneurs & Professionals who drive sustainability and well-being of the people.
  2. Civic leaders who drive relief and development in the city.
  3. Cultural creatives who drive cultural change.
  4. Church planters who drive spiritual development in new ways.



We embody optimism for the church.

We refuse to believe that the church is beyond repair.  Jesus loves it, after all.  Through strategic and authentic changes, we believe the church can once again flourish in our cities.

We extend hope into the city.

Cities contain many hurting people.  But the hurts do not define the people or the city.  We work to change the face of the urban landscape by showing compassion and bringing Jesus’ hope to the people.

We thrive on innovation.

Our culture is postmodern, so things can’t be done the same way anymore.  Without new ideas, we’ll continue to make the same mistakes as before.  The box is not our focus. We look for what’s outside.

We actualize partnerships.

Networking is our way of developing the bonds of peace.  We connect Christians from all over to share resources and ideas so that we can better care for our cities.

We embrace risk.

Faith is perilous. But God calls us to face this head on. The greatest people in history are not known for their timidity. Neither are we.

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