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Heather Duris is a painter, jeweler, and mother, who loves creating and working with her hands. She paints incredibly striking abstract pieces. “I feel so close to the heart of God when I paint” she says, “painting to me, is worship”.


What I Leave Behind cultural creative entrepreneur artist art painting

What I Leave Behind  “This painting was inspired by all the beautiful shells I found on the beaches in Kuwait and Dubai.  I got to thinking about the little creatures that made these, lived short, seemingly insignificant lives, and these delicate shells were all that was left as evidence of their existence.  So this piece is a meditation on my own life and what will be left behind once I’m done on this earth.”

Peel Back Another Layer cultural creative artist art painting entrepreneur

Peel Back Another Layer  “I painted this work during a time in my life when I felt that God was stripping away some things that I had been holding on to.  It was a painful season of my life, but as I walked through it with God, and allowed Him to peel things away from me that were keeping me from growth, I felt that He was also piecing me back together with more of His character and less of my selfishness.”

“I love painting, and I could do it every day, but it’s not a practical way to support my family”, Heather says.

So Heather decided to buy an online jewelry business last year in order to be able to use her artistic gift in a more practical manner. “It’s been incredibly difficult, but God has been so faithful to us”.

Now as owner and operator of Hip Mom Jewelry, Heather spends her days and late nights designing new jewelry, filling orders, and improving existing pieces, as well as caring for her two growing daughters along with her husband, Zdenko.

She questioned whether this was an answer to #prayer or the worst decision of her life. Click To Tweet

Running their own business has been a learning process.  In the first few months, Heather questioned whether this was actually an answer to prayer, or maybe the worst decision of her life.   

“We have learned that the most important element in our business is the customer.  Yes, I want to make art, I want to make something beautiful, but at the end of the day, it’s all about whether I have met the customer’s needs and made the experience the very best I can for them.”

It’s been a difficult journey at times but through it all Heather says she has learned to appreciate the business. “I may not relish doing the repetitive part of making some of the jewelry as much as I love painting, but I do appreciate that this is a blessing to be able to create for a living and serve people and God by using the gifts He has given me.”

As beings created by a #creative #God, we were all meant to create in one way or another. Click To Tweet

Heather’s story a beautiful picture of someone using the simple tools God has placed in their hands to create intimate expressions of worship.

It can be easy to associate worship with music alone, but I love seeing the ways that men and women individually and uniquely articulate their love, admiration, and praise to the Father. As beings created by a creative God, we were all meant to create in one way or another.

Heather gets to do this for a living, so if you happen to be looking for high-quality jewelry handcrafted in worship to the Father, give a visit.


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