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Let’s say you’ve got a normal job – but you still really want to serve God.

You’re not made to be a pastor or other ministry leader, and so you feel somewhat impotent when you see all those strong men and women of God who are beasts in the church.  You’re not jealous (You know it would be wrong to be jealous), but deep down you wish you were just a little more godly.

But here’s the thing – every believer has gifts given to him by God.  Some gifts become visibly prominent in the church.  Some do not.  But everyone has something to offer which strengthens the body of Christ.

These are 8 ways in which your job can be a ministry to others.

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1. Your Job Provides a Service to Others

job selling leisFrom a bagger at a grocery store to an executive in a large corporation, every job helps provide a service to others.

According to the doctrine of Common Grace, every single person (believer or not) is given the ability to help people.  Through the nature of Creation, we all have the ability to make life better.  And God helps us do it whether we acknowledge Him or not.

So how much better is it when you do love Him and do your job with excellence so that other people can benefit?

2. Your Job is Work for God

Colossians 3:23-24 says:

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

Very clearly, whenever you work hard, and your motivation is to honor God through your labor, it is pleasing to God.

And don’t give in to the fear of man.  Don’t just work to make your boss like you more.  Do your very best work because you know God sees it.

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3. Your Job is Filled with Hurting People

Because of sin in our lives and in all of Creation, life is very hard.  The people around you are almost definitely going through very difficult things in their lives – divorce, humiliation, crippling debt, physical pain, fear, pressure, stress, and on and on.

As you get to know the people you work with, think about ways that you can serve them.  And then do it.

4. Your Job is Filled with Lost People

job man workingAnd of course, even more than the struggles of daily life in this broken world, there is the problem of unsaved lives.

In America today, most people in the workforce are not believers.  And their hope lies in a spouse, a family, money, retirement – but NOT in the hope that Jesus offers us.

You see, everyone fears death.  But death is not the worst thing that can happen to us.  Dying without knowing life abundant – knowing Jesus – is the worst thing.

So build relationships with the people at your job and show them the love of Christ and what He has done to change your life.  Start a bible study.  Show them just how good God really is.

5. Your Job Allows You to Network with Lost and Hurting People

Many of you have a job that put you in regular communication with people who do not work for your company.  Maybe customers, clients, vendors or other relationships.

This is also an opportunity to show them how amazing our God is.  When it’s appropriate, build relationships with these people, too.  Not only will it help your company, but it will be an opportunity to shine His light into their lives as well.

6. Your Job Contributes to the Local Economy

The very fact that you earn money and spend money in your community is a good thing.  When that cash flow moves through your city, it improves the lives of those around you.

With more resources, people’s standards of living will improve.  This is certainly a ministry in itself.

7. Your Job Contributes to the Global Economy

job business woman computerBut not only do the people of your community benefit from your job, so do all the people in the world.  Since we’ve shifted to a global economy, it’s amazing to see how your small work in your small sphere can impact places around the world.

Many people look at exporting jobs as a bad thing, and in many ways, it is, when you consider job loss in America, and the depression of manufacturing and other low socio-economic level services.

But if you look at it in a different way, it can be beneficial to the whole world.  The people in India, China, and other Southeast Asian countries are not the ones to blame for the negative effects.  The people themselves are just trying to work and provide for their own families.

So as you do your job, fulfill your role within the company, it allows others on the other side of the world to earn a paycheck.

8. Your Job Allows You to Provide for Others

And of course, with the money you make, you can put food on your table.  Your children can eat.

But beside that very important role of providing for your family, your job allows you to provide for even more.  It’s possible you earn more than you need (which is actually so many more of us in America than we’re willing to admit).

In those cases, provide for others outside your family.  Meet urgent needs.  Help your friends get up on their feet.  Give charitably.  Participate in the global expansion of the gospel by contributing financially.


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