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A neighborhood outreach is one of the best ways to love your actual neighbors.

Jesus said to love your neighbor, and at our church, we take it very seriously.  We aren’t just trying to convert people (although, we absolutely want to share the love of Christ and the gospel with them), but we are trying to actually meet urgent needs.

But you can’t meet urgent needs, unless you know what those needs are.  And you won’t learn what those needs are until you build personal relationships with the people in your neighborhood.

An article I had written a while back outlines what a group of Christians are doing in Denver to take care of the people in their community.  The organization is called “The Art of Neighboring“.

They’re a really great group and many of our ideas come from them.

So here are a few ideas to reach out to your neighborhood.

neighborhood street1. Mow yards for the elderly

2. Free outdoor concert

3. Yard game party

4. Babysitting Day

5. Neighborhood water balloon fight

6. Passing out food

7. Neighborhood potluck

8. Chili night

9. Barbecue

10. Outdoor movie screening

11. Talent show

12. Outdoor movie night

13. Rake leaves for people

14. Driveway wine mixer

15. Pumpkin carving

16.  Neighborhood jog

17. Block party

18. Pool party

19. Fix up an abandoned property

neighborhood neighbor man20. Community compost pile

21. Community garden

22. Coffee and desert night

23.  Good will collection

24. Championship game party (Superbowl, World Series, March Madness, etc.)

25. Teach a neighborhood class of some kind (art, woodworking, parenting, etc.)


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